I went for a walk few days ago and I suddenly found myself in some kind of wonderland. On one side of the street there were hobbit-holes and front of them on the other side was a little castle.
DSC_1262  DSC_1349 DSC_1356  DSC_1368  DSC_1347_kastely alapkep  DSC_1352

I’ve just had a look on the pictures I had taken and I was wondering who could live in such a little castle. Here’s the result:

The original image again:
DSC_1347_kastely alapkep

Here’s how the picture would look if a little princess lived there:
(using oil paint effect)
DSC_1347_kastely oil paint

And this is how if a wicked witch lived there.
(using dark strokes effect)
DSC_1347_kastely dark strokes

Finally here is the little castle with some lighting effect and sepia.  I like this version too.
DSC_1347_kastely Some lighting effect and sepia


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