Bruderhaus Wildlife Park, Switzerland

People usually are fascinated by wild animals. So am I, whether it’s an exotic animal or a very ordinary hare on the nearest meadow.

I like wildlife parks very much. I think they are halfway between zoos and absolute freedom. In a zoo animals can’t hide from visitors, however in a wildlife park they have enough space to disappear from the curious eyes so you can’t be sure, if you will be able to see them or not.

So at first here are some pictures about the surroundings of the Bruderhaus Wildlife Park:
DSC_1801  DSC_1796  DSC_1836  DSC_1855

And some animals:

The bisons were lying on the edge of their territory along the walking path.

The wild boars were running around in the open space.
DSC_1825  DSC_1827  DSC_1829

I caught the deers in their small house while eating. They are so beautiful! :)
DSC_1850  DSC_1848

Depending on your point of view zoos and wildlife parks either play an important role in education, research and maintaining species or are unnecessary prisons. So which is it? Are they good or bad? It’s a delicate question and one that can’t easily be answered.

One thought on “Bruderhaus Wildlife Park, Switzerland

  1. I’ve visited the Rocky Mountain parks in western Canada where no hunting is allowed and the large mammals will let you get fairly close. The buffalos are quite awesome (seen from the safety of my car as they’re unpredictable and run as fast as a race horse), as are elk and moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goats. I guess my vote is with leaving wild animals wild, although I can see wildlife parks and zoos have their place..

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