Hirsau Abbey – Black Forest, Germany

The Abbey is located in the northern part of the Black Forest in the mountains. It had been one of the most important Benedictine abbeys of Germany until it was destroyed by French soldiers in 1692 and not rebuilt. The ruins are beautiful and they evoke the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. I wonder what an amazing building complex it could have been in its golden age.

The three main parts of the ruins of the Hirsau Abbey:
The three main parts of the ruins of the Hirsau Abbey

My photos:
01_DSC_0250_The gate tower of the cloister  02_DSC_0201_Belltower 
04_DSC_0221_2_Walkway in cloister  05_DSC_0262_Lady chapel  06_DSC_0252_Hunting lodge

07_DSC_0246_f_Tower of the Hunting lodge_2  08_DSC_0187_f_Lady chapel_2  09_DSC_0234_Lady chapel_f  10_DSC_0202_f_Cloister ruins with the Hunting lodge_2



2 thoughts on “Hirsau Abbey – Black Forest, Germany

    • There were many beautiful arches offering the opportunity to create pictures like this. Most of them were windows while the middle photo in the 2nd row was taken by standing in front of the biggest gate of the cloister. It’s large enough to give suitable space for the Lady chapel so it is my favourite too.


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