Flavours & colours

DSC_1754  DSC_1718_vízszintes  DSC_1724_extraszeles  DSC_1685_b

DSC_0522  DSC_0527DSC_0531

DSC_0488  DSC_0476
DSC_0585  DSC_0589


DSC_0047  DSC_1779




2 thoughts on “Flavours & colours

  1. Nice set Agnes. I like what you did with the dark chocolate bar. You were beautifully able to balance the white negative space with the dark tones and textures of the chocolate bar. In the bars with the nuts, I like how you changed the white balance to give the warmer tones.

    Of the fruit and vegetable shots, my favorite is the one with the onion on the cutting board. I like the juxtaposition of the freshly cut red onions and their textures against the worn cutting board. The circular shapes of the onion plays well with both the grain of the cutting board and the wear marks created by the knife.

    Thanks for sharing these and reminding your viewers that even if it is gloomy or raining outside, you can still make interesting photos right at home!


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