Dolomites – Italy

I went with my fiancé for a 10 day tour to northern Italy. Our first destination was the Dolomites in the Alps. We were a bit surprised because there was still snow. People told us, it had been snowing on the day before. :)


On the next day the sun came out and it shone almost all day so we could hike a bit and I took a few pictures. The view was amazing and I felt that everything on the world is small compared to this mountains.  Not only the towns, houses and people but everyday problems as well. I felt carefree.

DSC_0225  DSC_0302  DSC_0247 DSC_0305  DSC_0314

The cows felt carefree as well, they blocked the way not caring about anything while they were munching the grass. :)


Finally a beautiful still life:


I’m not very satisfied with this picture. It could have been better but I think it’s nice with an oil paint effect.


It was a fantastic adventure. :)



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