Arena di Verona – Italy

This ancient Roman amphitheatre is Verona’s most famous landmark. Built in the 1st century A.D., it used to be the home of gladiator fights, jousts, tournaments, as well as markets. The present day Arena is only a part of the original structure due to an earthquake in 1117 which partially destroyed the building.

01_DSC_0683  02_DSC_0704

It’s one of the best preserved amphitheatres in the world and it is now the dream venue for many musical stars. It’s one of the largest venues in the world, 20.000 people can sit there in the same time. Nowadays, it is the home for various cultural activities such as operas, ballets, and plays. When there are no performances, tourists can visit the Roman Arena in the afternoon for a small fee. Most parts of the Arena are accessible to the public. Only the galleries, cells, and passageways under the tiers cannot be visited.

03_DSC_0744  04_DSC_0720  05_DSC_0710

In front of the Arena there are some big gladiator sculptures to help the tourists imagine how their fights could have been. As you gaze up at the sculptures, you can almost see the scenes from ancient history.

06_DSC_0701  07_DSC_0692

08_DSC_0689  09_DSC_0688

I liked the sculptures so much that I asked my boyfriend to take a picture of me as well. Standing there the sculptures seemed to be so huge and so amazing that I was really impressed. This is my favourite picture. :)


Verona is a charming city with many ancient heritages. You can spend more days there with exploring the city and visiting the many tourist attractions.

6 thoughts on “Arena di Verona – Italy

  1. Rome is somewhere I would like to visit someday.Thanks for sharing your photos. I like the composition of the third to last photo the best. The prominence of the gladiators against the backdrop of the stadium and framed by the weapons rack works well. The inclusion of yourself in the last photo does give the figures a sense of scale and is appreciated.


    • I’m glad you enjoyed my pictures. I have never been to Rome but I would like to visit it, too. The Colosseum is four times larger than this Arena in Verona. I’m sure it’s amazing and of course there are many other interesting buildings to visit. Maybe next time. :)


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