Casa di Giulietta in Verona

When someone mentions Verona you immediately associate it with romance and the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet immortalised in Shakespeare’s work. It is said that Casa di Giulietta is the house where the Capuleti family was living. You have to pass through a short dark tunnel to get to the courtyard where you will find Juliet’s balcony.

01_DSC_0757  02_DSC_0758

Under the balcony there is Juliet’s bronze sculpture.  The most popular thing to do when visiting the statue is to rub its right breast which will bring good luck. As a consequence the right side of the bronze Juliet is shinier than the rest.

03_DSC_0767_01  04_DSC_0767_02

Next to the sculpture is a big barred gate which is full with small padlocks. Most of them are red, pink or silver and on all of them there is a heart and two names advertising their love. Many romantics believe that leaving a padlock in Juliet’s courtyard will make their love everlasting.

05_DSC_0759  06_DSC_0761  07_DSC_0770_1 08_DSC_0770_2

I don’t believe that leaving a padlock anywhere will make someone’s love everlasting, but I think it’s a lovely thing. It’s a pity, that there are many other love messages as well which are not so much lovely. The walls, the doors and the dark tunnel at the entrance are full with messages of love. They are ugly graffities, tags and you can also find messages written on chewed up gums taped on the wall. I can’t understand why people do things like this.

09_DSC_0773  10_DSC_0753

11_DSC_0768  12_DSC_0772

2 thoughts on “Casa di Giulietta in Verona

  1. Wow I have never actually seen this place before, it looks incredible! I wonder why her right breast is meant to be lucky? Looks like an incredible, if extremely tourist filled, place to visit. I hope I make it there one day :)


    • Yes, it’s an incredible place. :) I have no idea why people think rubbing her breast will bring you luck but it’s funny to see how many tourists do this. I can only recommend you Verona. It’s a beautiful city with many interesting places like this.


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