Margaret Island – Budapest, Hungary

Margaret Island is a 2,5 km (1,6 mi) long and 500 metres (550 yards) wide island in the middle of the Danube in central Budapest. The island is mostly covered by landscape parks, and it’s a popular recreational area. I went for a walk on the island last week and visited my favourite part of it: the small Japanese garden. Unfortunately there was a flood this summer which destroyed almost the whole garden. Only the small fish pond remained with the sculpture of the sitting girl in the middle of it.

01_DSC_0452 03_DSC_0459_f

The water was dirty and there were only a few survivors: some fishes and turtles. I hope the garden will be tidied up soon.

04_DSC_0498   02_DSC_0459 05_DSC_0458

Despite the bad conditions some water lily bloomed in the fish pond, so I took a few photos of them. I hope I can take pictures about the whole beautiful garden next year.

06_DSC_0444 07_DSC_0465 08_DSC_0491 09_DSC_0501 10_DSC_0466


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