Heidelberg Castle – Germany

During a survey conducted by the German National Tourist Board Heidelberg Castle has been voted to the Number One of the TOP 100 sights in Germany. About 18.000 international guests participated in the online survey on http://www.germany.travel and chose their three favourite sights.

01_DSC_0197 02_DSC_003903_DSC_0024  04_DSC_0029  05_DSC_0062  06_DSC_0065  07_DSC_0088  08_DSC_0091 09_DSC_0107

The German Pharmacy Museum is located in the Castle of Heidelberg. It has a collection of over 20.000 objects representing the rich history of medical sciences, especially the history of pharmacy.


11_DSC_0121  13_DSC_0125  14_DSC_0130  12_DSC_012315_DSC_0135

From the castle you can see the old town with the beautiful Old Bridge on the Neckar River.16_DSC_0080

On the west end of the Old Bridge there is a monkey, next to it sit two mice. The head of the monkey is hollow, so you can put your own head inside and see through the monkey’s eyes. According to one legend surrounding this curious statue, the Bridge Monkey is intended as a symbolic reminder to Heidelberg’s citizens that neither the city-dwellers nor the people who lived outside the city of Heidelberg were better than the other, and that they should look over their shoulder as they cross the bridge to remember this. According to another legend if you touch the fingers of the Bridge Monkey it would ensure your return to Heidelberg, touch the mirror for wealth and touching the mice will ensure fertility.

17_DSC_0157 18_DSC_0158

Of course, the lovers have left their marks in this city as well.



4 thoughts on “Heidelberg Castle – Germany

  1. When I visited Heidelberg last spring I though it was was one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing your photos, although I am a little disappointing that you did not include a photo of yourself under the monkey mask ;)


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