Strasbourg – France

Strasbourg sits right on the border of France and Germany and it has flavors of both countries. It’s picturesque “la Petite France” neighborhood looks like something straight out of a fairy tale book, a riverfront neighborhood with timbered buildings accented by colorful flower boxes.

01_DSC_0362  02_DSC_0367 03_DSC_0287  04_DSC_0400 DSC_037906_DSC_0382 07_DSC_0385 08_DSC_0386 09_DSC_0404  10_DSC_0293  11_DSC_0448

The Cathedrale of Notre Dame suddenly pops up between the small houses. It’s one of Europe’s most beautiful examples of gothic architecture.

12_DSC_0272 13_DSC_0286 14_DSC_0291  15_DSC_0375  16_DSC_0357  17_DSC_0373 18_DSC_0327  19_DSC_0301 21_DSC_0455

In the heart of the Petite France Quarter, the Covered-bridges with their defensive towers offer the visitors a charming view on the river Ill and the Barrage Vauban.

22_DSC_0391 23_DSC_0397 24_DSC_0398  25_DSC_0438 26_DSC_0427 27_DSC_0440

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