More vitamins in winter

Vegetables and fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and other substances that are good for general health. It is important for us to make them part of our daily diet especially seasonal fruits. Of course the markets and supermarkets aren’t booming with an assortment of colourful berries or tomatoes (at least tasty and inexpensive ones) in winter, but they still have plenty of healthy options. You can buy banana and lemon every season and sometimes you can find other good things. For example I managed to buy some grapes transported from Peru, which were really tasty and they weren’t too expensive. I took a few pictures which maybe encourage you to eat some fruits and vegetables.

02_DSC_0064 03_DSC_0092 04_DSC_0097 05_DSC_0002 06_DSC_0108_2 07_DSC_0009 08_DSC_0014 09_DSC_0016 10_DSC_0024_03 11_DSC_0026_03


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