The lake of Furnas was formed at the bottom of a volcanic crater. On its outskirts are many geysers, hot-springs and fumaroles.


The people here have a really unique dish called Cozido. It’s composed mainly of vegetables, some meat, sausages and rice which doesn’t sound peculiar but they have a special method to cook this dish. They place the pot into a hole and let the dish cook by volcanic heat. Because of this there are many covered holes scattered around the lake like many mole hills.

06_DSC_050204_DSC_0559 05_DSC_0561

Just a short walk and you can see Furnas Lake from above.

07_DSC_0534 08_DSC_0551 09_DSC_0557


2 thoughts on “Furnas

    • Yes, it’s clever, but the food cooks very slowly – for about 6 hours – so they have to prepare they dish early in the morning and place it in a cook-hole to be able to eat arround noon.


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