Common Dolphins

If you are at the ocean you will surely see dolphins. Around the Sao Miguel Island the most common dolphin – as its name already shows – is the Common Dolphin.


Common Dolphins often swim next to your boat as they are curious but if you want to swim with them you will realize that it’s not so easy. They aren’t so brave and friendly as the bottlenose dolphins known from the movies. When wild dolphins notice a human in the water they usually spread out in a minute. Especially if there are one or more calf among them because they want to protect the babies.

05_DSC_0267 06_DSC_0217 07_DSC_0308 08_DSC_0309

They are really fast but luckily I could capture a calf before they disappeared in the distance.


I found a video from last year which was made by biologist Ida Eriksson during a boat trip near to the Sao Miguel Island, so you can see them under the water and hear them as well.

3 thoughts on “Common Dolphins

    • It’s amazing to see dolphins in their natural habitat. Their are wild and free and you can see in their eyes how clever they are. You can hear them communicate with each other and you can see how they care about each other and about their calves. It’s really astonishing.


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