Gardens of Ponta Delgada

There are three beautiful garden near to the city centre in Ponta Delgada. In a way they are very similar but in a way are very different.

Jardim António Borges park

It was originally founded as a private garden in the 19th century by the pineapple cultivator of the same name. Today it’s a very pleasantly laid-out public green space with many beautiful specimens from all over the world.

01_DSC_0388_Jardim António Borges park 02_DSC_0398_Jardim António Borges park 03_DSC_0413_Jardim António Borges park04_DSC_0435_Jardim António Borges park05_DSC_0455_Jardim António Borges park06_DSC_0463_Jardim António Borges park

Jardim do palácio de sant’ana

This is the garden of the local government palace. The Sant’Ana Palace, a 19th century construction surrounded by beautiful gardens is presently home to the President of the Regional Government of the Azores.

08_DSC_0948_Palace of Sant'Ana_Regional Government Presidency 09_DSC_0954_Palace of Sant'Ana_Regional Government Presidency 10_DSC_0956_Palace of Sant'Ana_Regional Government Presidency 11_DSC_0980_Palace of Sant'Ana_Regional Government Presidency 12_DSC_0912_Palace of Sant'Ana_Regional Government Presidency 13_DSC_0989_Palace of Sant'Ana_Regional Government Presidency 14_DSC_0991_Palace of Sant'Ana_Regional Government Presidency 15_DSC_0996_Palace of Sant'Ana_Regional Government Presidency

Jardim josé do canto

The garden is situated next to the gardens of the Sant’Ana Palace. This park is an example of a garden in Victorian style with a mass of botanical plants. My favourite among the many plants was a ficus marcophylla with its peculiar roots coming out from everywhere, making this tree look like a giant octopus. In the firs and second picture the dimensions of the tree are barely perceptible but in the third picture you can see how big the roots arround me are.

16_DSC_1021_Ficus_marcophylla_Jardim josé do canto 17_DSC_1025_Jardim josé do canto 18_DSC_1034_Jardim josé do canto

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