The Legend of the Jungfernsprung


The waterfall is a place surrounded by old tales. One especially enchanting legend has given it its name:

“Once upon a time, an extremely beautiful Alpine dairymaid lived in a meadow near the Jungfernsprung. All the young men in the district tried to win her love, but she wasn’t interested in any of them. Then one day the Devil himself, dressed as a handsome stranger, followed her filled with burning desire. She, however, recognized the Devil and fled to preserve her virtue. In her flight, the dairymaid came nearer and nearer to the cliff until, seeing no other way of escaping her pursuer, she jumped more than 130 metres down to the bottom of the Jungfernsprung rock face. Miraculously, the young maiden survived the leap unhurt – and ever since, a beautiful waterfall has flowed there, and the spot is now called Jungfernsprung (Maiden’s Leap).



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