Black slug

Black slug

Despite the name, black slugs come in varying colours ranging from red and orange to brown, grey, and even white. The lighter colours are most common in the south, possibly being more efficient at reflecting the heat of the sun.


The classification of brown-coloured and rust-coloured “black” slugs is somewhat disputed; the brown variation is sometimes considered to be a separate species, Arion rufus (Red Slug). Young specimens of black slug do have a brown colour, which is later lost if and when the slug changes color to the mature state.


The size of the slug varies from 10 to 15 cm. It’s omnivorous, eating carrion, fungi, and vegetation (living and decaying). Like all other species of the Arionidae family, the black slug is a hermaphrodite, meaning it can fertilize itself if needed, although a mate is preferred.


I must mention Vyacheslav Mishchenko, a photographer, who I really admire. In his pictures snails are beautiful, and through his photography we are able to look into the everyday life of these small creatures and to share their romantic moments. Click here to see the pictures. Dont forget to check out his other galleries too.


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