Lake Lugano and Monte Brè

Lake Lugano is a beautiful lake in south-east Switzerland near to the border of Italy. Earlier it was a glacier there which melted and filled the hole that it has created. So now there is a lake with a beautiful city on its shore, surrounded by mountains. From the city you can reach Monte Brè in a few minutes and from the top you’ll have a fascinating view.








12 thoughts on “Lake Lugano and Monte Brè

      • I sent you a pic of (almost) Puget Sound via email. The Sound is an arm of the Pacific that is bounded on the west by the Olympic Mountains and the east by the Cascades. There is a shortage of sunshine much of the year. I think the Olympic Peninsula is considered almost a rain forest. But, in the summer months the scenery is spectacular.

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    • I can only recommend you Lugano. My favourite time to go there is autumn because in Lugano you feel like it’s still summer. :) The weather is usually warmer and sunnier there than in the area of Zürich, where I live. Como is also beautiful. Both of them are worth to see.

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