Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent, Grimsel-Furka Pass




Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent, Grimsel-Furka Pass

  1. Hi,
    I have been to this place. You can see the signature of Zorro from atop the mountain. I have put it in my blog on 4-Pass tour. Grimsel pass was great, especially the old hotel of World war time.


    • Hi,
      I see you took the 4-Pass Tour by the Post Bus. It was an amazing trip, for sure. I was there with my husband by motorcycle and we only drove through the Grimsel and Furka passes. We didn’t have enough time for the other two passes but even so it was a wonderful trip. You have a great post of this area on your blog.


      • Wow! Riding a motorcycle up the Alps must be very exciting. I always thought of doing it. I posed with one near the “Lake of Dead”. It was little less than a small car!
        Thanks for reading my blog. Hope it could give you a feeling of the passes you missed. If you happen to plan to come to India sometime, I recommend you to try motor biking across the Himalayas to Ladakh. It is picture perfect.


        • I always enjoy riding on winding roads, the mountain passes are perfect for it and the scenery is stunning. I love the mountains. :) Your travelogue of the 4-Pass Tour is pretty cool, I see, that there is a lot more thing that I could visit. I think we’ll go there next summer again. There are a lot of places on the World which I would like to visit. The Himalayan range is one of them.


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