Bad Gastein: Waterfall and Church

Last week I went with my sister for a small walk in Bad Gastein. One of the main attractions in this place is without any doubt its splendid waterfall. We didn’t bring my tripod with us which we regretted a bit because we really like every picture of waterfalls taken with long shutter speed. In this pictures waterfalls look like silk. They are simply beautiful. The waterfall in Bad Gastein is on the Gasteiner Ache mountain river and consists of three main drops with a total height of more than 340 meters. It is believed that the water spray from the fall has healing properties. At the end we could take some pictures which we like:





For those who are interested in culture, the parish church of Bad Gastein is a central attraction. The church was built in the 19th century. Inside it houses art treasures whose origins date back several centuries: Baroque and Neo-Gothic sculptures including the Gothic wooden Madonna on the high altar, which was made in1450.







8 thoughts on “Bad Gastein: Waterfall and Church

    • I often leave my tripod at home because I don’t like to carry it with me. I can’t held my camera motionless during more than one second, so I often get unclear pictures. Some of these were a bit blurry as well but I sharpened them with photoshop. :)


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