One Four Challenge: December Week 4

For my last edit of December’s One Four Challenge I changed the colour of my flower to a lighter blue and used the paint daubs effect. Then I selected from the lighting effects the spotlight and set the focus and intensity.

DSC_0569_04_paint daubs_spotlight_4

Finally here are all the versions of the image including the original. Feedback is welcome.

DSC_0569_00_original  DSC_0569_01_basic  DSC_0569_02_warming filter DSC_0569_03_invert colour  DSC_0569_04_paint daubs_spotlight_4


19 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: December Week 4

  1. Hello Agnes – love what you’ve done with this last process 😀 It wins my vote also, but I do have a soft spot for week 2 as well. Nice work and play for December.
    Happy New Year 😀🎉🎈


  2. Hi Agnes, nice job this week, taking the bright blue and toning it down a bit. Love the vignette and the darker tonings in the background, set off the subject nicely :


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