Create animated falling snow

A lot of snow fell last week in Switzerland. It was falling continuously for two days, so the whole town turned into white. The huge snowflakes were gently drifting down from the sky just like many white feathers. It was really beautiful. I wanted to recreate this nice atmosphere in my picture, so I tried to create a snowfall. (See a very good tutorial for creating animated snow here.)


The original picture:


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14 thoughts on “Create animated falling snow

  1. Good job! Personally, I suggest that you use a different snow photo which doesn’t have that red man. Because it is a bit “odd” that the snow if falling, yet the person is not moving (especially since he already appears to be walking). Just my thoughts and I don’t mean to be critical or rude. And you know that I love this original photo as I already complimented in your previous post :)


    • I haven’t thought about that, I just wanted my husband in the picture. :) But you are right, it’s really weird that he isn’t moving, however the snow is falling. :D Thanks for drawing my attention to it.

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    • It worked pretty well with CS6. Although I skipped a few steps, I believe that my result is quite good. At least it looks better than the really fake-looking ones, which you can create with online photo editors. So I think it is worth the effort. :)

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