One Four Challenge: January Week 1

For this month I choose to edit one of my pictures which I took during bird watching. My original picture was a bit dark, so I set the levels and brightness to get a brighter image. I also added some contrast. So here is my picture for the first week:


And here is the original picture:


Feedback, tips and comments are welcome.

19 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: January Week 1

  1. Such a gorgeous place to sit and watch Agnes and a beautiful photo.
    Your #1 edit really makes this image shine. The warmer tones and the touch of brightness is just right :)
    Happy New Year!


  2. Great job on the process, the brown reedy things with the fluffy tops have much more texture and interest in them and the overall tones are better :) I dont know what software you use but if it has a grad ND you can use that at an angle to tone the sky brightness down a bit without affecting the exposure on the rest of the image. I use mine all the time :)


  3. Looks like a great place to bird watch. I love the layered reflection of the sky in the water. Your new color palette, a bit brighter and warmer is really lovely. There are so many great layers to this image. Looking forward to the weeks ahead.


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