One Four Challenge: January Week 2

For the second week of January I used the grad ND tool as Stacey suggested last week and I’m so amazed by this technique. It’s very easy to get a nice balanced exposure level between the sky and ground with this tool. Thank you again for the tip, Stacey. I think I´ll use it a lot. :)

I did two other steps: I rotated my image by 180° so I got an upside down picture. It makes the picture somehow interesting to me. Finally I added a Diffuse filter.


Here is week 1:


Feedback, tips and comments are welcome.

22 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: January Week 2

  1. Agnes my apologies for the latecreply – have been letting folks know Ive been having probs commenting.
    When I first saw this last week, it took a minute to register that you had flipped it. Very clever 😃
    I too agree that using the ND gave you a great result!


  2. Nice job with the filter. And the flip… Took me a second to realize that there’s some fundamental difference between the two images when I started comparing them. :) I agree with Stacey, it’s a tad difficult to compare the two images because of it. I like its effect in the image, though.


  3. I see a vast improvement in your sky, great job and glad I could help. I went to a day workshop where I learned lots of useful tips but how to use the ND Grad to improve skies was worth the price for the event by itself and made a big difference to the quality of images and how they ended up looking. Happy to pass the same tip on for free!

    Your flipping around of the image is messing with my head, I want to see the detail in what you did but can’t process it upside down LOL

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