One Four Challenge: January Week 4

For the last week of the January One Four Challenge I started the editing from my second week picture. I turned it back (because it was upside down), added a lot of saturation and some brightness. Finally I cropped my picture to be able to add a reflecting water animation to it with the LunaPic online photo editor.


Here is the original picture:


Week 1-4:

DSC_0328_week1    02_DSC_0328_week2  03_DSC_0328_week3    04_week_4

Feedback, tips and comments are welcome and please Vote:

18 thoughts on “One Four Challenge: January Week 4

  1. I like the vibrance and colour of the last photo (Week 4) and I applaud your skill in adding the animation, because it is very well done – if you like that sort of thing. – which I don’t. So I couldn’t truthfully vote for it!


    • Thank you very much but the animation is not a big thing. As I wrote I did it with the LunaPic editor which has a water reflecting feature. The only thing you have to do is just crop your image well and add the animation. I’m glad that you like the vibrance and colour at least. :) Thank you for your comment!

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