Working with layers in Photoshop – One Four Challenge

I took part in the One Four Challenge during a few month but I only tried some effects and tools in Photoshop. So for this month I decided to set goals to learn a bit more. Here they are:

Week 1: Working with layers in Photoshop
Week 2: Using layer masks in Photoshop
Week 3: Create a rough pastel picture
Week 4: Create light from nothing

This is my original picture for March:


And this is my edit for the first week:


Here are the steps I made:

1. I opened my original picture and a new file with a transparent layer in Photoshop.

2. I made a background with the gradient tool in the new file.

3. I selected the girl with the quick selection tool copied her and paste her in the new file on a new layer.

4. I cut the picture in pieces. I always selected a part of the girl and created from each part a new layer using the option “Layer Via Cut”. So I had all of the parts on a separate layer and I could move them separately in every way I wanted. I decided to slip some parts of the girl to the right and some other parts to the left, so you can see where I have the different layers.

5. I created one more layer, and on this one I drew white lines to the edge of the parts with the pencil tool (with holding shift you get easily straight lines) and blurred the lines a bit with gaussian blur.

6. I created once again a new layer and added some colour to the picture with the brush tool using red, yellow and some blue or more like turquoise. Than I changed this normal layer to a Hard Light layer, so the colours which I painted stand out a bit.

7. I set the opacity of the body layers to 50%.

That’s all about working with layers for the first week.

Feedback, tips and comments are welcome.


22 thoughts on “Working with layers in Photoshop – One Four Challenge

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  2. I have Photoshop Lightroom 5 and am still having trouble learning all the different features of it. Using Mask, Layers, and much more is making me nut’s! Nice to see you know much more about it than me. Regards ~ Les


    • I’m a very beginner in using Photoshop (I have the CS6 version) and I really enjoy it. There are so many tools and features which I’ve never tried, that’s why I decided to explore a new feature once a week as part of the One Four Challenge.


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