Create a rough pastel picture – One Four Challenge

For the third week of the One Four Challenge March my goal is to create a rough pastel picture in Photoshop. So here are the steps I made:

  1. I opened my picture and a new file with a transparent layer in Photoshop.
  2. I made a white background on the new layer and used for it the texturizer effect from the filter gallery.
  3. I selected the girl with the quick selection tool copied her and paste her in the new file on a new layer.
  4. I created an other layer and added to the picture some colour with a special brush. If you would like to work with some interesting brushes you can download some from here.
  5. I added the poster edges effect from the filter gallery to the layer with the brushes and changed the blending mode of the layer to a hard light layer.
  6. I added to the body layer the texturizer effect as well and changed the blending mode of the layer to a linear light layer.
  7. I cropped the image.

Here is my final picture for this week:


This is the original picture:


Feedback, tips and comments are welcome.


26 thoughts on “Create a rough pastel picture – One Four Challenge

  1. Im so enjoying what you’re creating this month Agnes! I bet you are too 😃
    This is fabulous and it definitely has a pastel feel within those brush splats. Great work!
    Thanks for the link on the brushes. I had a look last week and definitely plan to go back.


    • I’m glad you enjoy it! I have a lot of fun with this picture and I have so many idea that I could go on with this picture for an other month. :) In the Review month for April I planned to post a photo gallery about the previous months but maybe I’ll also post some other version of this picture.
      There are a lot of great brushes. I already downloaded a new one for the next week.


  2. So different than your last image! Thanks for putting down the details – everyone has such a different way of working within Photoshop and it’s so interesting to see something another method and think about how it might have some effect on my own art.


    • I also like to read the steps, how somebody created an image. One can learn from it a lot. I also try to share my process, I hope the steps I wrote are understandable. (I know my english is not so good.)


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