Great Blue Heron

When I have a little time I like to go to the Limmat river by bicycle. It’s always very calming there. Last summer I heard every time a bird when I was there but I couldn’t see it. I heard it always exactly at the same place and I got more and more curious as the time passed. Finally in August I could see it: it was a great blue heron. I was fascinated by him. He was graceful and elegant, simply beautiful. A few days later I saw him again and I could also take a photo of him. Not really good, because he was flying fast. I could take only one photo and he disappeared among the trees. So here is the picture from last August:


After this shot I saw him regularly and I realized that he has a pair as well. Than came the Winter and they flew to the South. This year I couldn’t wait for the Spring to see them again. Unfortunately last week was the first time when I had time to go to the river. (At the beginning of the year I had an exam-period at school.) Still I arrived on time: although there are a lot of buds on the trees there aren’t any leaves which can hide the birds. I was very surprised when I saw that there are more nests and at least two couples of blue herons. It was really interesting to see a whole new world which was hidden for my eyes last Summer. Still it was difficult to take pictures of the birds, because they nested really high and on the other side of the tree. On the other side is a big wetland so I could only photograph them from this side trying to set the focus on the birds between the many branches and twigs. Anyway here are the pictures:





This birds are truly beautiful. I could watch them the whole day. Amy from The world is a book has two amazing posts about blue herons and both of the pictures are close ups so be sure to check out them:
Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule of Thirds (Great Blue Heron) by Amy
Wordless Wednesday: Great Blue Heron by Amy


8 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron

  1. Beautiful birds! Amazing how big they are! Winter really allows you the opportunity to see things you would otherwise miss in the summer with all of the foliage. I have come to love each of the seasons for their own unique beauty. (I used to hate winter until moving to the country, now I am stunned by all I missed living in the city). Nice job capturing these stunning birds in their natural environment.


    • It’s really true that every season has it’s own beauty. I love every season. They allow us to see the world and everything in it in different ways like I could see now these birds. Thank you for your comment!


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