Create light of nothing – One Four Challenge

My goal for the 4th week of One Four Challenge March was to create light from nothing.
Here are my steps:

  1. I used some special brushes to create a background with palm trees. If you would like to work with some interesting brushes you can download some from here.
  2. I copy-pasted the girl on a new layer
  3. I selected the area where I wanted to create the light. When I had my selected area I created a Curves-layer and dragged the curve to the upper left side of the diagram to lighten up the selected area. So I got a bright area there. (I created the light source also with a special brush and then I selected it with the whole “light-area”.)
  4. I added a quite strong gaussian blur to the light-layer and with this I got a more realistic light.


Feedback, tips and comments are welcome and please vote.




Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


22 thoughts on “Create light of nothing – One Four Challenge

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  2. Agnes, I have so enjoyed your approach this month!!
    Such a unique approach and all are wonderful!
    Number 2 is the one that really grabs my attention – there’s something quite sci-fi about it… and its creative!!


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