One Four Challenge, May – week 1

The One Four Challenge hosted by Robyn G of the blog ‘Captivate Me’ goes on and for May I chose a picture of the London Parliament. Here is my edit for the first week:


The original picture:


My steps:
I selected the area around the building and turned it into monochrome. Then I inverted the selection so the building was selected. I set the brightness and contrast only on this area to highlight the building more. I copied the whole image on a second layer and on this layer I added a strong red filter. I went back to the picture on the first layer I added a layer mask and brushed over the sky with the black brush. With this I revealed some red from the second layer and got a pink sky.


13 thoughts on “One Four Challenge, May – week 1

  1. I like this very much Agnes and Im definitely partial to a bit of red in the mix. This is a stunning photograph and would draw my attention anywhere.
    Such a lovely process for week 1.


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