One Four Challenge, May – Week 4

During the One Four Challenge of May I was mainly experimenting with different colours and how they change the mood of the picture. For the last week I also tested a new colour: orange. I also made a crazy edition as a bonus picture.

Week 4 – The orange picture:


The crazy bonus edition:



The original picture:


Week 1:


Week 2:


Week 3:



25 thoughts on “One Four Challenge, May – Week 4

  1. Week 3 is gorgeous, I agree and it’s been fun watching the changes in the weather throughout May ;)
    I LOVE the fun edition. Crazy and awesome. Such fun experimentation!


  2. I really enjoy this final edit with the orange, Coupled with the red bus on the bridge, it is really a lovely image. There is a deep clarity to this image as well that I really admire. All of the edits are interesting, amazing what happens when you change the color, the mood and feel of the image is greatly impacted. Lovely work.

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