One Four Challenge – June Week 1: Water effect

My favourite month during the One Four Challenge was March because I really enjoyed to edit a picture about a person. It’s very different from editing a landscape picture. For this month I chose a self-portrait, and I hope I’ll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it in March.

So this is my picture for June:


Beside the portrait I used this two other pictures to create a portrait with water effect.

water-feat   water_PNG3292

I set the first picture as a background and I copied the second picture over the portrait on a new layer. Finally I added a cooling filter to the portrait.



Feedback, tips and comments are welcome.

28 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – June Week 1: Water effect

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    • Thank you, Ben. I also feel that it’s not complete but for the first time I didn’t have an idea what else to do with it. Now I have some ideas which I’ll try out and of course I’ll share the result.


  2. Lovely to see your face Agnes 😃
    Let the fun begin! I enjoy your experimentations and I too liked your March editions. Looking forward to all of them. Love the creativity of this so far and I like Reinhold’s suggestion of blending the face a little. Enjoy!! 😃


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