One Four Challenge June – Week 2

For the first week of the One Four Challenge I tried to make a portrait with a water effect. I got a tip from Reinhold Staden, to blend a bit the face into the front. Thank you again, Reinhold, the tip was really good. I already tried it out but I’m not satisfied with my work. I feel that I have to take a short break with this water thing. I think I’ll go back to this theme at the next review month. For this week I decided to use a tree for my portrait. I also tried to blend the face into the tree, and I was more successful than I was with the water. :) I increased the opacity of the eyes less than the opacity of the other parts of the head because I wanted the eyes to stay a bit sharper.


I used this tree for the picture:


As you can see I also made some colour edits and added to my finally picture a sepia filter.

18 thoughts on “One Four Challenge June – Week 2

  1. Very cool composition. Thanks for link and the nice words regarding my tip. It’s easy to write a tip but hard to actually do the composition. May be we should try a joint effort on this one? Only if you like, nothing serious, just fun with PS. Sunny regards. Reinhold


  2. I’m enjoying these experiments Agnes and yes the tree works with your portrait.
    I’m so curious to know your thought process behind these experiments. Have you been inspired by someone’s work/art or is this creative idea your own process. It’s so interesting! I can’t wait to see what you do next :D


    • I’m glad you enjoy it! :) Two years ago I started to follow the work of a Hungarian artist, Flora Borsi. (A bit about her: ) She has an amazing style in photography. She photographs her own body and makes mind blowing edits to it in Photoshop. When I started to learn how to use Photoshop, thanks to your challenge, I couldn’t help thinking about her work, and finally I started to experiment with photos of people. Of course I don’t want to copy her, and I could never be so good at this as she, but it is a lot of fun, and I think I already found my own style at the experimenting. :)


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