One Four Challenge June – Week 3

For the third week of the June One Four Challenge I decided to do something ordinary with my portrait. I tried to create a pencil drawing from my picture. Here is the result:


This was the original picture:


And here are my steps:

I copied the picture on a second layer. (Layer 1)
I reduced the saturation to -100. (click on the adjustment layer, and then on Hue/Saturation)

pic 01

I changed the blend mode of Layer 1 to color dodge.

pic 02

Then I inverted the colour of Layer 1. (So my picture went into white.)
I added a Gaussian blur effect with a radius of 20. (So I got back the form of the girl and it seems like a pencil drawing.)

pic 03

Then I set the levels (adjustment, levels).

pic 04

Then I made a composite snapshot (cmd or ctrl + shift + alt + E) and cleaned the forehead and the cheek using the white brush. (final picture)


What do you think? Is it like a drawing or I should work on it?

This was a simple idea for the third week, but I promise, next week my picture is going to be something unusual again. :)


22 thoughts on “One Four Challenge June – Week 3

  1. I like it Agnes and think it works very well. Thanks for the walk through too. I have still as yet to go and read about the artist who inspires you. Looking forward to it. 😃


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