One Four Challenge June – Week 4

I share my 4th version for the last week of June One Four Challenge a bit earlier, because I’m on holiday from tomorrow morning. For the last week I wanted to create something with the motto: “close to the nature”. I created a branch-like thing around the right eye and used the Smudge Tool next to the other eye. Then I created a pattern with blue, grey and white brushes around the portrait. I put this pattern together like it were a lot of feather with some snail shells. I really like the result.


Here is the original picture:


My edits for this month:





I wish a nice weekend for everyone and a good start to next week.


32 thoughts on “One Four Challenge June – Week 4

  1. I absolutely love this and your vision for where you’re heading with this month. This one is my real favourite. The colours, style and result are just so wonderful. Keep doing this Agnes! You are very good at it :D It looks amazing up close. Have a fabulous holiday!!


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