One Four Challenge – August Review week 1

The first thing I planned to do for the review month of One Four Challenge is to create a better water effect for my portrait from June. I got new ideas from Reinhold Staden, and a lot of help, as he took the time to create a new version from my portrait and he shared his steps with me. I could learn a lot from his tutorial, so many thanks go to him for this.

Here is my original water effect:


Here is my second attempt:


I think, it’s better, more realistic than the first one, but I was never really satisfied with it. And then I got the edits from Reinhold and I suddenly realized what my problem was. I stubbornly stuck to my first idea with the water around the face and couldn’t let it go. When I saw Reinhold’s version I was really glad that he showed me this whole water effect thing from a completely different view.

Here is Reinhold’s version:

Water effect Reinhold Staden

And here is my final picture created by using Reinhold’s idea and tutorial:

New water splash

I’m really happy about this final picture. When I look at it I feel like I created the fairy of the lake from my portrait. :)


18 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – August Review week 1

  1. Thanks for your credit, Agnes. I like all of your versions. They are creative and perfectly processed. And it was a lot of fun doing mine together with you!
    So… any new challenges? Give me a notice. I will definitely participate. Smiles. Reinhold


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