Zürich in Summer – Time-lapse

I was working on a time-lapse about Zürich in the last few days. I chose some places in Zürich which I really like and shot a lot of pictures. At the end I created an almost 5 minutes long video, which is a big achievement for me. Before this I already experimented with time-lapse, but that was really just experimenting. You are very welcome to check out my orchid and the clouds if you would like to see where I started. I know that this video of Zürich is also not that professional but it’s definitely better than my previous attempts, so I’m very proud of it. :)
Before I published my video I was warned that protecting the privacy of the people who were there while I was photographing would be important, so I was searching for a solution but couldn’t find a good one. Of course I can blur the faces in one picture in Photoshop but since people are moving I can’t automate this for all the other pictures. I also tried the face-blurring tool of Google which they offer when you upload a video on YouTube but it recognises many ships in my video as a face and blur them totally. When I was looking around YouTube I realised that there are many travel videos and other time-lapses with no face-blurring so I searched for legal advice. What I found out is very comforting to me in case of sharing my video without face-blurring. Although laws vary by region, anything filmed in a public place can broadcast anyone’s face. No one has a reasonable expectation of privacy in public. Why you see so many blurred faces, is because it’s often beneficial to the production company to do this. There is rarely law that forces them to. So I decided to share my video as it is, without face-blurring. Still I would be pleased if anyone could give me some tips how to blur faces in a time-lapse video.
While working 01

While working 01


While working 02


19 thoughts on “Zürich in Summer – Time-lapse

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  2. Wow, awesome job with this video! I know it took a lot of pictures and a lot of work to put it together. Loved the swans zooming by, the choreographed boat dance, and the lost guy at the bus stop. :)


  3. I really enjoyed this! :) Felt like I just visited Zurich for a moment! In the first location, you can see fish mocing underwater, which was cool. I also liked the fact that you at least tried to find out about privacy protection. I wish someone would invent a solution to that. Personally, I’m pretty bothered with the fact that nowadays, you can’t do anything without ending up on someone’s social media page – everyone’s a paparazzi and everyone’s a target. I was in a museum the other day and as I turned around, someone just took a close up of my face – I’m sure I wasn’t the intended target, but still, some people don’t even crop photos before putting them online. Anyway, I was also wondering how you did this, did you just leave your camera and trust that no one would steal it or did you stand next to it the whole time? Thanks for the interesting, inspiring post! Hope to see more :)


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it and also that you noticed the fish. :) There are a lot of tiny parts in the video which I really like and I’m sure that a lot of people don’t even notice it. :)
      I spent a lot of time to find a tool or a software which can blur the faces and I was really disappointed when I couldn’t find anything. It would be great to have such a tool, because I think that it bothers most of the people when they end up on someone’s published picture or video.
      I was standing next to my camera, but I don’t think people would steal it if I’ll leave it there. But at the busy places I was afraid of it that people won’t notice the camera and they’ll bump in it. At the lake it was really nice, I was sitting next to the camera and I had my lunch there. :)
      Thank you for your comment! I definitely will make more time-lapses. :)

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