One Four Challenge – Sept Week 2

For the second week of September One Four Challenge I followed the futuristic eye tutorial of Aaron Nace and learned a lot from it. You can find his tutorial here.

Here is my result:

01_Eye_soundwave circle effect_white eyeballs

Some pictures about the working process:

Screen Shot Eye effects   Screen Shot futuristic eye

Week 1 picture:

01_wm_DSC_0287_szem_szines kocka

I know that I’m editing my pictures a bit differently than the original idea of the challenge is. I’m mixing many other subjects in my pictures and sometimes it seems that instead of editing my image in four different ways I create four completely different pictures based on the original. I hope you don’t mind and you consider my work as acceptable for the challenge.


19 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Sept Week 2

  1. Agnes this one stopped me in my tracks, AWESOME! And as far as Im concerned, editing is what you make of it, if it means adding a cool vector then so be it :)

    Did you apply this to the BW version from last week – I just ask because the pink in the vector around the eyelashes make it look a little inflamed – its lost a little detail in your process. It doesnt make it any less awesome, just when I stopped and had a good look, thats what I thought before I saw your vector image.

    I will check out the tutorial too!

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  2. I completely agree with Chris!
    I still think you are working within the brief Agnes. Editing is really about making changes and I love what you are doing – especially finding your own voice and style.
    Creative and inspiring and this week totally works for me 😃
    Thanks for the tute. I’ll be having a look!

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    • Thank you, Robyn. I’m glad that this edits still fit in the challenge, because I love to participate and it helps me to evolve and motivates me to explore new techniques and new ideas as well.
      The tutorials from Aaron Nace are really good and easy to follow. Reinhold Staden recommended me to check them out. :)

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      • Agnes, it’s all about moving forward and exploring new ideas.
        Go for it! I love watching your experiments 😃
        New ideas are so good!
        As I said I’ll be having a look at the tutes too. Thanks again for the link.


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