One Four Challenge – October week 4

For the last week of October One Four Challenge I inverted the colours of my third weeks image and added a new layer with a firework picture and set the layer to soft light.


And a bonus Halloween edition.

Halloween edition

The Original:


Week 1:


Week 2:

03_DSC_0220_03_elolap vilagos 02_DSC_0220_03_elolap

Week 3:



13 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – October week 4

    • Thank you, Nic! I’m glad your favourite is week 2. I’m not sure if there is a best image among this month images because I wasn’t really creative in October. I would also choose week 2 because I worked with that version the most.

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  1. I love the silhouette against the firework background and the Halloween edit is great fun. I think my favourite edit overall is probably week three’s – even though I missed it last week!


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