One Four Challenge – November week 1

For the first week of November One Four Challenge I chose a picture in which the most important part is the helmet. At least I’m planning to edit mostly the helmet. I wanted to learn how to use displacement maps, so as a first edit I placed a vivid pattern on the helmet using a displacement map. (If you are interested in displacement maps you can find a good tutorial here.)

One four week 1 vivid_01_wm

The original:

One four week 00 original picture


20 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – November week 1

  1. Wow this is really cool – displacement maps are not difficult but are fiddly and enough of a challenge – I LOVE the very bright fractal image you used, this is awesome!


    • Thank you, Stacey. Displacement maps are really cool. It was fun how easily I could change the colour and pattern of the helmet. :) I’m glad you like the vivid image I used. :)


  2. Looks great but all of Photoshop is still a mystery to me. I purchased a tutorial but only listened to the first two installments. One of these days, maybe. But I do enjoy what you’ve done here!


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