Only the person behind the camera matters

I rarely post videos, especially videos which aren’t my work but this video has a nice message independent of the advertising: It doesn’t matter what the subject of a photograph is, your creativity and how you see the particular object are the most important. I think these are even more important than the type of your camera or how expensive gear you use.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 18.30.40 copy


9 thoughts on “Only the person behind the camera matters

  1. Wow! That’s incredible. I think that even if each photographer was given the same description of the person, the results would be the same (meaning, each photo would have been captured differently). With that in mind, I think the statement is true, but should be phrased differently….only the photographer’s vision for a photo matters. For photographers, I think you can say “that beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.


  2. I disagreed with the statement “Only the person behind the camera matters” but then I watched the video. It is a little slanted because they influenced each photographers perspective of who the subject was by what they told then about him, but still, I don’t disagree with the statement anymore. Thanks for sharing Agnes :-)

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    • I gave a strong statement as a title because I wanted to draw attention to it. :) Yes, they influenced each photographers perspective. But still it’s the photographers decision how they’ll portray the person. For example when he would introduce himself to me as a former alcoholic or a former prisoner I think I would try to make a picture of him in which he looks like he was a business man, to help him in a new start. And that’s only the photographers decision.

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