One Four Challenge – November, Week 4

For the last week of November One Four Challenge I played around with the lighting of the motorcyclist, I even created the shadow of the person.

One four week 4 vivid splatter_with texture_strong and light

The previous edits:

One four week 00 original picture


One four week 1 vivid_01_wm

Week 1

One four week 2 vivid_02 wm

Week 2

One four week 3 vivid splatter_with texture

Week 3

One four week 4 vivid splatter_with texture_strong and light

Week 4



8 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – November, Week 4

  1. Im not sure the shadows work for me, they are a bit dark but OMG you had such a creative and colourful option this month, so impressed with what you achieved here :)


    • My first version for week 4 was even darker. :D Then I added some brightness, but not much. Perhaps I was affected by the less and less daily hour of sunlight what we have this time of the year. :) Thank you, Stacey! That’s very kind of you! :)


  2. Oh Agnes your series this month has been fascinating and very creative. Difficult choice. Although I like the flames and shadows of this week’s edit, I particularly like week 2 because you see the wonderful pattern on the helmet better. But each week was great.


  3. I love the addition of the shadows. This was a great image to watch you alter all month, very creative! :) It was a difficult decision to choose only one… but I ended up picking week 4 because I love the dark fiery look of this one.

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