Welcome to my blog! :)

A bit about me and this blog:

I like to quietly observe my surroundings and notice every little thing. I’ve always loved to take pictures about what I discovered, whether it was a small thing or a huge one. I don’t take professional photos as this is just my hobby but I think photography is the best way for me to show, how I see the world around me. In my pictures you can see everything what is interesting to me and everything what I like or dislike. I hope you will enjoy it too and if you would like to add a comment to anything, feel free to leave one.




It doesn’t matter what camera you have or what the subject of the photograph is, your creativity and how you see the particular object are the most important. You show your own world with every picture you take and share.

31 thoughts on “About

  1. I enjoyed your “About” photograph with the quotation stamped upon it. It reminds me of a quotation by the American writer Mark Twain:
    “the man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read”

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  2. Nice bio page Agnes. Indeed beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and then translated into memories through the lens of the camera! We have common philosophy towards looking at things around us. Keep blogging as it’s the best gateway of self-expression.


    • Kedves tőled az invitálás, de amennyire a blogodról látom ti elég nagy túrákat szoktatok csinálni, és tényleg le a kalappal előtte, de én nem vagyok az a nagyon sportos embertípus, a hegyeket általában motorral hódítjuk meg a férjemmel. :)


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