One Four Challenge – November Week 3

For the third week of November One Four Challenge I tried to illustrate how a motorcyclist may perceive the strong wind at high speed. I started with my image from the first week, copied it on a second layer, increased it’s size and then used a layer mask to be able to reveal the colourful strokes coming from the helmet. I used a special brush for the revealing, with which you normally draw grass. So basically the strokes coming form the helmet are oversized blades of grass. I think it illustrates the strong wind perfectly.
I’m fascinated by the layer masks. Have you ever thought about it that it’s quite the same when an art expert scrapes away the top layer of paint from a picture, revealing an earlier painting underneath. We do the same, only we do it digitally.
I also added a background because in the second week I got positive feedback about it. So I thought, I should add some colour to the background this week as well, although I really liked the contrast between the white and the colourful helmet.

One four week 3 vivid splatter_with texture

First week:

One four week 1 vivid_01_wm

Second week:

One four week 2 vivid_02 wm


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